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 Enrichment Workshops 

Our enrichment program is designed to maximize your child’s unique set of skills. We take pride in showcasing every individual’s worth by exploring current trends and implementing strategies to maximize your child’s personal exposure.


Social skills development

Using some elements of Therapeutic Mentoring, Loose Gravity not only focuses on strengthening the individual’s current talent level, but also on developing talents as a whole for success in any future endeavors.

Alternative to traditional after school an extracurricular activity.

  • Communication skills

  • Social development

  • Personal appearance

  • Emotional regulation

Psychosocial skills development

Developing a strong psycho / emotional skill that provide a holistic approach to the talent’s personal development and future success in any field.

  • Emotional regulation

  • Social development

  • Problem solving

  • Decision making

  • Comprehension & Analysis

  • Public speaking

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